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Multi Jet Fusion is a precision technology for mass production and rapid prototyping. HP Jet Fusion 5210 is times faster than other powder printers

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PA 12 is a strong thermoplastic from Hewlett Packard. It is used to print prototypes and finished products in manufacturing and medicine.
In terms of characteristics, the material has an advantage over ABS plastic and photopolymers. Polyamide is biocompatible and non-flammable, resistant to ultraviolet light and chemicals. Fasteners, parts, housings and finished products with IP67 protection are printed from it.

PP is a material designed for 3D printing using HP's Multi Jet Fusion technology. It is based on thermoplastic polypropylene, which makes it possible to create parts with high chemical resistance, low density and minimal moisture absorption.

The material has high isotropic mechanical properties: the printed parts have the same strength in the entire volume. Optimally suitable for creating functional prototypes, final products and devices.

TPU is a powder that contains thermoplastic polyurethane, designed for printing on the HP Jet Fusion 5210 industrial 3D printer. The properties of the material make it possible to print flexible and durable products that are not affected by chemicals.

The powder is used for the production of prototypes and functional parts in various fields: medicine, automotive, electronics, and shoe production.