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FEP film 200x140 mm

This film is unique in its strength and the ability to print thinner parts with thin supports. Compared to the films of other manufacturers, it is more elastic and has a barely noticeable cloudy shade, which does not affect the print in any way, and the separation of the working layers is easier. The nFEP film is resistant to high temperatures (up to 220°C), chemically resistant, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, the disintegration of the film is significantly slower, therefore the period of operation is longer. Applies to Anycubic Photon LCD 3D printers and others.

Teflon nFEP film, size 200*140 mm, thickness 0.125 mm for the bottom of the bathtub (Vat-container) of the LCD 3D printer, is a special mixture of Teflon material. This film covers the bottom of the printer container for further printing. The film is attached to the surface of the container of the LCD 3D printer with the help of clamping bolts. The film is a consumable, its service life depends on the number of printed models on the printer, later it needs to be changed, because scratches are formed on the surface and the ability to transmit UV radiation to harden the printed models is lost. nFEP film is now available for LCD printers.

Product description
Size: 200x140mm ( 7.87 x5.5 Inches ) ;
Thickness: 0.15mm
The light tranamittance is 95%
Suit For 5.5in UV Resin 3D Printers
Anycubic Photon / Photon S / Photon mono SE
Elegoo Mars/Creality LD-0002

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