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MOSFET module HA210N06

Power supply module based on the HA210N06 field-effect transistor to control the heating of the 3D printer table. It can also be used to control other non-inductive loads. The HA210N06 is a powerful MOSFET that can handle higher current than a normal RAMPS or other 3D printer controller.

If you plan to use a large area silicone heater, you will likely exceed the current limitations of what your 3D printer electronics can handle. This control board will run high current without even getting hot. Oversized MOSFET and very strong design of the printed circuit board will allow uninterrupted operation without active cooling.
Often works in conjunction with controllers such as MKS Gen, RAMPS or others. An example of the operation of such a module in a circle with other components of the printer is given below.

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