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Neodymium magnet D8x0.8 mm
Spare parts for 3D printers

Clutch force 0.4 kg
A neodymium magnet is a permanent type of magnet that is currently the most effective magnet.

Construction of a neodymium magnet

A neodymium magnet is made of an alloy of neodymium, metal and boron and additionally covered with a layer of nickel/zinc for protection against corrosion processes. This type of magnet has the shape of a disc. Magnetization class N42.

Scope of use of a neodymium magnet

It is used in various fields, such as the chemical or food industry. Widely used in household purposes and electrical engineering. The neodymium magnet performs the function of fixing various objects due to the huge power of its magnetic field, ensures reliable fixation of any products.

Advantages of a neodymium magnet

Compared to other magnets, its magnetic field is many times stronger (10 times).

Duration of work. This type of magnet loses only 1-2% of its strength in 10-20 years, while most analogs lose all their properties in an identical time interval.

The possibility of creating a reliable fastening without the need for drilling.

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